Sports This Week: April 18th-23rd

Monday April 18

Varsity Baseball at Heritage 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Heritage 6:00

Tennis at WBHS vs S Doyle 4:00

Tuesday April 19

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Alcoa 6:00

Softball at Farragut 5:45

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs HVA 6:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Heritage 4:00

Track at Maryville 4:30

Lacrosse at Farragut 7:00

Wednesday April 20

Varsity Baseball at Farragut 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30

Softball at WBHS vs Powell 6:00

Thursday April 21

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Central 6:00

Softball at Maryville 5:30

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs LC 6:30

Tennis at Karns 4:00

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove 4:30

Friday April 22

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Alcoa 6:00

JV Baseball at Greenback 5:30

Softball at Karns 5:30

JV Soccer at HVA TBD

Track at WBHS 4:30

Saturday April 23

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Maryville 12:00

JV Soccer at HVA TBD

Sports This Week: April 11th-16th

Monday April 11

Varsity Baseball at Maryville 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Maryville 6:00

Varsity Soccer at Farragut 7:00

JV Soccer at Farragut 5:00

Tuesday April 12

Varsity Softball at WBHS vs HVA 5:30

Varsity Soccer vs Karns 7:00 Site TBA

JV Soccer vs Karns 5:30 Site TBA

Track at WBHS 4:30

Tennis at HVA 4:30

Lacrosse at UGMS vs GP 6:30

Wednesday April 13

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Bearden 6:00

JV Baseball at Bearden 5:30

Thursday April 14

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Union County 6:00

Varsity Softball at Heritage 2:00 (In-School Game)

Varsity Soccer at Heritage 6:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Lenoir City 4:15

Lacrosse at CAK 6:30

Middle School Track at WBHS 4:30

Friday April 15

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs York Institute 3:15

JV Baseball at South Doyle 1:00

Track at UT

Saturday April 16

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Tellico Plains 1:15

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs McMinn Central 3:30

JV Baseball at Seymour 1:00

Track at UT

Sports This Week: April 4th-9th

Monday April 4

Varsity Baseball at Farragut 6:30

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30 

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Alcoa 6:30

Softball at Seymour 5:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Bearden 4:00

Tuesday April 5

Varsity Softball at WBHS vs Maryville 5:30

Wednesday April 6

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs HVA 6:00

JV Baseball at HVA 6:00

Thursday April 7

Varsity Baseball at S Doyle vs Powell 7:15

JV Baseball at Alcoa 5:30

Softball at WBHS vs Bearden 5:30

Lacrosse at UGMS vs CAK 6:30

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove

Friday April 8

Varsity Baseball at HHS vs Anderson County 5:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Eagleton 6:00

Softball at Gibbs Invitational TBA

Tennis at Hendersonville Tourney

Saturday April 9

Varsity Baseball at Karns vs Greenville 10:00 AM

Varsity Baseball at Karns vs Karns 2:00 PM

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Clinton 1:00

Softball at Gibbs Invitational TBA

Track at Maryville

Tennis at Hendersonville Tourney

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Science Hill 11:00

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Bradley Central 1:15

Sports This Week: March 28th-April 2nd

Monday March 28

Varsity Baseball at Bearden 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Bearden 5:30

Softball at WBHS vs Anderson County 5:30

Tennis at Farragut 4:30

Tuesday March 29

Softball at WBHS vs Heritage 5:30

JV Soccer at Knox Central 5:00

Varsity Soccer at Knox Central 6:30

Track at WBHS 5:00

Wednesday March 30

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Heritage 2:00 (IN-SCHOOL GAME)

JV Baseball at Heritage 6:00

JV Soccer at WBHS vs Halls 6:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Alcoa 4:30

Thursday March 31

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Clinton 6:00

Softball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30

Middle School Track at Heritage 5:00

Friday April 1

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs West 6:00

JV Baseball at West 6:00

Saturday April 2

Varsity Baseball at Mo West 12:00

Varsity Baseball at Mo East 4:00

JV Baseball at Maryville 12:00

JV Softball at Farragut TBA

Sports This Week: March 21st-26th

Monday March 21

JV Baseball at WBHS vs West 6:00

Tuesday March 22

Softball at Bearden 5:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Grace Christian 4:30

Lacrosse at CAK vs Bradley Central 5:30

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs MHS 6:30

JV Soccer at WBHS vs Maryville 5:00

Wednesday March 23

Varsity Baseball at Gibbs 6:00

JV Baseball at West 6:00

Thursday March 24

Varsity Baseball at West 6:00

Varsity Baseball at West vs Halls 8:00

Softball at HVA 5:30

JV Baseball at WBHS vs South Doyle 6:00

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove

Lacrosse at Seymour 7:00

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs Anderson County 6:30

Friday March 25

Varsity Baseball at West vs Webb 8:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Seymour 6:00

Tennis at Maryville 4:30

Track at HVA Invitational

Soccer at Smoky Mtm Cup TBA

Saturday March 26

Varsity Baseball at Gibbs vs Clarksville NW 2:00

JV Baseball at MCS 2:00

Track at HVA Invitational

Soccer at Smoky Mtn Cup TBA

Basketball: William Blount and Farragut to Complete Game

In an unprecedented ruling, the TSSAA has granted Farragut’s appeal and the Govs will now travel to Farragut tonight at 5:00 PM to play the final 98 seconds of the game. The game will be a 3 vs 3. William Blount’s three players who were not ejected are Braden Mayfield, Trevor Scarlett, and Ryder Jones.

The winner of this game will play Bearden at 7:00 at FHS and will earn a sub-state appearance. No JV players will be allowed to play until the Region championship game at 7:00 because, by rule, Farragut and William Blount must finish the remaining 98 seconds with the players already in the book.

Fans will not be permitted inside the gym until the conclusion of the 5:00 game. William Blount AD Scott Cupp plans to livestream the game on either Facebook or Twitter.

Basketball: First Round Region Opponents Announced

The Lady Govs will travel to Oak Ridge (19-9) to take on the Wildcats Friday night at 7:00 PM. Oak Ridge is the District Champion and 1 seed from District 3-AAAA. William Blount is the 4 seed from District 4-AAAA following a loss to Heritage in the District consolation game.

The boys will play at Campbell County this Saturday night at 7:00 PM after defeating Hardin Valley 93-83 in the District consolation game. William Blount is the 3 seed from District 4-AAAA while Campbell County is the 2 seed from their district.

Both of these games are elimination games — winners advance to the Region semifinals.

District Tournament Schedule

District 4-AAAA Basketball Tournament Schedule:

All games played at Heritage High School

Wednesday, February 16

GIRLS (Elimination Games)

6:00 – #4 William Blount vs #5 Maryville

7:30 – #3 Heritage vs #6 Hardin Valley

Thursday, February 17

BOYS (Elimination Games)

6:00 – #4 William Blount vs #5 Maryville

7:30 – #3 Hardin Valley vs #6 Heritage

Friday, February 18


6:00 – #1 Bearden vs Winner of Wm Blount/Maryville

7:30 – #2 Farragut vs Winner of Heritage/Hardin Valley

Saturday, February 19


6:00 – #1 Farragut vs Winner of Wm Blount/Maryville

7:30 – #2 Bearden vs Winner of Hardin Valley/Heritage

Monday, February 21

6:00 – Girls Consolation Game

7:30 – Girls Championship Game

Tuesday, February 22

6:00 – Boys Consolation

7:30 – Boys Championship

All-District Team/Superlatives (Basketball)

2021-22 District 4-AAAA Basketball All-District and Superlatives


Coach of the Year:  Jon Higgins, Farragut

Most Valuable Player:  Dillon Atwell, Farragut

1st Team All-District Members:


Ryan Neal

Dallas Carbaugh

Isaiah Smith

Elisha Brabson

Dillon Atwell


Elijah Bredwood

Darian Bailey

Walker Kyle

Hayden Moseley


Jaelyn Pannell

Hudson Stokes

Nick Liakonis


Matthew Clemmer

Caden Windle

Cole Gibson


Charlie Rice

David Coon


Grant Campbell

Jamin Russell


Farragut- Carter Mayfield

Bearden- Jake Poole

Hardin Valley- Jack Smith

William Blount- Grady Robertson

Maryville- Nick Johnson

Heritage- Colby Smith



Coach of the Year- Justin Underwood, Bearden

Most Valuable Player- Avery Treadwell, Bearden

1st Team All-District Members:


Jennifer Sullivan

Emily Gonzalez

Bailey Burgess

Maddie Brillhart

Avery Treadwell


Avery Strickland

Keeleigh Rogers

Ashlyn Sheridan


Chloe Heath

Mollee French

Rebecca Gardner


McKenna Myers

Chloe Russell


Jada Edwards

Tatianna Cvitcovik


Gracie Waite

Kyndra West


Bearden- Hannah Claire Stephens

Farragut- McCall Willis

Heritage- Halle Waters

William Blount- Faith Cooper

Maryville- Christina Anderson

Hardin Valley- Avery Laugherty

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