The William Blount Dance Team will hold tryouts on Tuesday, May 26th, from 4:30-7:30 at the high school in the gym.
We will be posting a short video with a routine/technique you will need to know for May 26th this week.
If you are interested in trying out and still need a packet, please email

Aug 25-31 Sports Schedule

Monday, August 26
JV Football at WB vs Maryville 6:00
Volleyball at Alcoa vs Carter and South Doyle 6:00
Golf at Kahiti Acres 4:00
Middle School Softball at WB 5:30

Tuesday, August 27
Girls soccer at CMS vs Heritage 7:00
Golf at Egwani 4:00
Wednesday, August 28
No events
Thursday, August 29
Middle School Football WB vs Maryville 7:00
Girls Soccer at CMS vs Farragut 7:00
Volleyball at WB vs Lenoir City 6:00
Golf at Lambert Acres 4:00
Friday, August 30
Varsity Football at Morristown West 7:30

Aug 19-24 Sports Schedule

Monday, August 19
Golf at Knoxville Municipal vs Karns 4:00

Tuesday, August 20
Girls Soccer at Loudon 7:00
Volleyball at Heritage 6:00

Wednesday, August 21
No Events

Thursday, August 22
Girls Soccer at CMS vs Fulton 7:00
Volleyball at WBHS vs Maryville/Webb/Clayton Bradley 6:00
Golf at Egwani Farms vs Alcoa 4:00
Middle School Football at WBHS vs Seymour 7:00
Middle School Softball UG vs CMS at WBHS 5:30

Friday, August 23
Varsity Football at WBHS vs Maryville 7:30
Volleyball at Knoxville Convention Center

Saturday, August 24
Volleyball at Knoxville Convention Center

2019 Football Roster

Jersey NumberNameGradeOff. POSDef. POSJersey NumberNameGradeOff. POSDef. POS
2Cooper, Seth12RBLB52Smith, Trey12OLDL
3Franklin, Micah10RBLB53Boles, Dewey10OLDL
4Gardner, Zach11WRDB54Willocks, Jacob10OLDL
5Norman, Isaiah11WRDB55Cansler, Nick12OLDL
6Mathieu, Alex12WRDB56Turner, Eli10OLLB
10Auker, Ashton9WRDB57Wall, Colton9OLDL
11Holland, Spencer10WRDB58Jackson, Rod12OLDL
12Crabtree, Avery11WRDB59Justice, Steven9OLDL
14Matossian, Job10WRK60Lee, Jonah10OLDL
15Clemmer, Matthew9QB61Bravo, Justin12OLDL
16Clemmer, Trey11QB62Swanner, Logan11OLDL
17WIlliams, Bryston10WRDB63Adams, Michael9OLDl
18Clanton, Christian12WRDB64Pierce, Brayden12OLDL
19Keeble, Brandon10WRDB65Deibler, Jaden9OLDL
20Stinnett, Caleb12WRDB67Jordan, Matthew9OLDL
21Owen, Tyler10WRDB68Jenkins, Gauge9LB
22Durman, Noah12WRDB70Criss, Tyler9OLDL
26Muse, Brandon10RBLB72Staley, Patrick9OLDL
27Pierce, TJ9RBLB73Yates, Tony9OLDL
28Arwood, Trey9RBLB74Dotson, Cole11OLDL
29Jones, Casey9RBDB76Amanns, Tucker9OLDL
30Baumgardner, Cody10WRDB77Kenny, Ben12OLDL
34Romero, Aaron12FBLB79Wilburn, Sydney10OLDL
35Willis, Zach11WRDB80Farley, Ashton10WRDB
37Barton, Jon12TELB81Criss, Timothy10WRDB
39Willocks, Jimmy10LB82Stafford, Tanner11WRDB
41Orr, Ashton9RBLB83Ramirez, Cristian11WRDB
43Murphy, Gage12FBLB84Demalis, Joey10WRDB
44Lovin, Grant11FBLB85Carter, Ethan9WRDB
47Breeden, Bradley10LB86Donely, Kaleb11WRDB
48Stoot-Adams, Nick11LB87Drake, Codie11WRDB
51Endsley, Rhett9LB88Garland, Tristan10WRDB
89Hart, Henry10WRDB
2019 Coaching Staff
Head Coach:Philip Shadowens
Assisstant Coaches:Jeffrey Booker
Michael Bosco
Stephen Childs
Andy Odell
Tony Shultz
Billy Smith
Austin Thompson

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