Sports This Week: April 18th-23rd

Monday April 18

Varsity Baseball at Heritage 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Heritage 6:00

Tennis at WBHS vs S Doyle 4:00

Tuesday April 19

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Alcoa 6:00

Softball at Farragut 5:45

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs HVA 6:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Heritage 4:00

Track at Maryville 4:30

Lacrosse at Farragut 7:00

Wednesday April 20

Varsity Baseball at Farragut 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30

Softball at WBHS vs Powell 6:00

Thursday April 21

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Central 6:00

Softball at Maryville 5:30

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs LC 6:30

Tennis at Karns 4:00

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove 4:30

Friday April 22

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Alcoa 6:00

JV Baseball at Greenback 5:30

Softball at Karns 5:30

JV Soccer at HVA TBD

Track at WBHS 4:30

Saturday April 23

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Maryville 12:00

JV Soccer at HVA TBD

Sports This Week: April 11th-16th

Monday April 11

Varsity Baseball at Maryville 6:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Maryville 6:00

Varsity Soccer at Farragut 7:00

JV Soccer at Farragut 5:00

Tuesday April 12

Varsity Softball at WBHS vs HVA 5:30

Varsity Soccer vs Karns 7:00 Site TBA

JV Soccer vs Karns 5:30 Site TBA

Track at WBHS 4:30

Tennis at HVA 4:30

Lacrosse at UGMS vs GP 6:30

Wednesday April 13

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Bearden 6:00

JV Baseball at Bearden 5:30

Thursday April 14

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Union County 6:00

Varsity Softball at Heritage 2:00 (In-School Game)

Varsity Soccer at Heritage 6:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Lenoir City 4:15

Lacrosse at CAK 6:30

Middle School Track at WBHS 4:30

Friday April 15

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs York Institute 3:15

JV Baseball at South Doyle 1:00

Track at UT

Saturday April 16

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Tellico Plains 1:15

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs McMinn Central 3:30

JV Baseball at Seymour 1:00

Track at UT

Sports This Week: April 4th-9th

Monday April 4

Varsity Baseball at Farragut 6:30

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30 

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Alcoa 6:30

Softball at Seymour 5:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Bearden 4:00

Tuesday April 5

Varsity Softball at WBHS vs Maryville 5:30

Wednesday April 6

Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs HVA 6:00

JV Baseball at HVA 6:00

Thursday April 7

Varsity Baseball at S Doyle vs Powell 7:15

JV Baseball at Alcoa 5:30

Softball at WBHS vs Bearden 5:30

Lacrosse at UGMS vs CAK 6:30

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove

Friday April 8

Varsity Baseball at HHS vs Anderson County 5:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Eagleton 6:00

Softball at Gibbs Invitational TBA

Tennis at Hendersonville Tourney

Saturday April 9

Varsity Baseball at Karns vs Greenville 10:00 AM

Varsity Baseball at Karns vs Karns 2:00 PM

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Clinton 1:00

Softball at Gibbs Invitational TBA

Track at Maryville

Tennis at Hendersonville Tourney

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Science Hill 11:00

Lacrosse at UGMS vs Bradley Central 1:15

Sports This Week: March 21st-26th

Monday March 21

JV Baseball at WBHS vs West 6:00

Tuesday March 22

Softball at Bearden 5:30

Tennis at WBHS vs Grace Christian 4:30

Lacrosse at CAK vs Bradley Central 5:30

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs MHS 6:30

JV Soccer at WBHS vs Maryville 5:00

Wednesday March 23

Varsity Baseball at Gibbs 6:00

JV Baseball at West 6:00

Thursday March 24

Varsity Baseball at West 6:00

Varsity Baseball at West vs Halls 8:00

Softball at HVA 5:30

JV Baseball at WBHS vs South Doyle 6:00

Middle School Track at Coulter Grove

Lacrosse at Seymour 7:00

Varsity Soccer at WBHS vs Anderson County 6:30

Friday March 25

Varsity Baseball at West vs Webb 8:00

JV Baseball at WBHS vs Seymour 6:00

Tennis at Maryville 4:30

Track at HVA Invitational

Soccer at Smoky Mtm Cup TBA

Saturday March 26

Varsity Baseball at Gibbs vs Clarksville NW 2:00

JV Baseball at MCS 2:00

Track at HVA Invitational

Soccer at Smoky Mtn Cup TBA

Shawn Wichert Named Head Track Coach

William Blount has hired Shawn Wichert to lead the Track & Field program. Coach Wichert has been at Heritage High School since 2015. Most recently, Wichert was the Head Track & Field Coach for the Mountaineers and an assistant football coach; Shawn also teaches English at Heritage.

Sports This Week: March 29th-April 3rd

Monday March 29
Varsity Baseball at WBHS vs Farragut 6:00
JV Baseball at Farragut 5:30
Softball at Bearden 5:30

Tuesday March 30
Softball at WBHS vs Farragut 5:30
Tennis at WBHS vs Lenoir City 4:15
Track at Maryville 5:00

Wednesday March 31
Varsity Baseball at Lenoir City 6:30
JV Baseball at WBHS vs Lenoir City 6:00
Tennis at WBHS vs Karns 4:15

Thursday April 1
Varsity Baseball at Oak Ridge 6:00
JV Baseball at WBHS vs Clinton 6:00
Softball at Heritage 5:30
Soccer at HVA 7:00
Tennis at WBHS vs HVA 4:15
Middle School Track at Coulter Grove 4:30

Friday April 2
Varsity Baseball at Karns 3:00
JV Baseball vs Loudon (site and time TBD)
Softball at Anderson County 5:00/7:00

Saturday April 3
Varsity Baseball at Oak Ridge Tourney 9:30/2:00
JV Baseball at WBHS vs Maryville 1:00

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